Clean water infrastructure is the foundation of the modern city we know today. Without this essential service, raw sewage from all of our homes and businesses would flow into our waterways and the Bay, polluting this vital natural resource and resulting in unlivable conditions.

With over forty wastewater treatment facilities that discharge billions of gallons of treated water per year into the San Francisco Bay, Bay Area clean water agencies are integral to the health of the Bay and the people who live here. 

And so are you! Explore the resources on this website to learn more about how your everyday actions can help keep the Bay, and our communities, healthy and beautiful.


Wastewater and stormwater carry pollutants from everyday activities like cooking, gardening, maintaining your car, and even spring-cleaning your garage and medicine cabinet. We’ve provided a few tips that will help keep pollutants out of the Bay – and make your home safer for your family.


Businesses – small and large – play an important role in reducing pollution in the San Francisco Bay. Just like residents, business owners and employees are responsible for ensuring their actions do not negatively impact water quality. Click on the links below for resources to help your business protect the Bay.