Your Car

Motor vehicles are a major source of pollution to the Bay. Heavy metals like copper from brake pads, grease, oil and other automotive fluids can all make their way to the Bay. The good news is that it’s easier than you think to reduce your share of these pollutants.

  • Take used or unwanted motor oil containers AND filters, and all other used or unwanted vehicle fluids to one of the many free recycling locations throughout the Bay Area. Find the closest drop-off site near you.
  • Washing your car at a car wash isn’t lazy — it protects the Bay, creeks and other local waterways! Washing a car on a driveway or the street sends dirty water laden with soap, heavy metals, oil and grease into the gutter that eventually leads to local creeks and the Bay. Washing at a drive-through car wash sends the dirty water to the wastewater treatment plant where it can be cleaned up.
  • For short trips, try riding your bike or walking. Even if it’s just once a month, you’ll save on gas, burn some calories, and reduce water and air pollution.